Tiered Ranking Referral Program

See “What you receive” for more info.

We send you a message via email or the Linkedin group with a description of the skill set we are looking to recruit. You then think about all the suitable candidates with the right skill sets and send us their initials and the name of the company they work for.  We will check the database to make sure we do not have a match either directly or through another referrer, if we do we will tell you their full name and if the same person we progress any further but if not we will ask you for all their details. Don’t worry if you can only forward their name and who they work for, we will do the rest and you will still get the same referral fee.

The name of the person will then be registered on the database with your name on their file. If they are not successful at first but accept another role with one of our clients in the future you will still be awarded a referral fee.  The only exception to this rule is if the person applies directly to us as in the future as a result of advertising or they post their CV on one of the job boards that we have access to and can download their CV with contact details.

We run a tiered system and aim to build a level of trust between us. If you repeatedly forward the names of people that are a perfect match we will move you up the rankings in our referral program.

  • Bronze       £300
  • Silver          £400
  • Gold            £500
  • Platinum   £600

You will join as a bronze member and will receive £300 for the first successful placement and automatically move you up to Silver status earning £400 for the next placement continuing up to the 4th and subsequent placements being £600.  Not too bad considering that all you are doing for the fee is telling us the names of people that are good at their jobs and just think, if you make a successful referral a month it would earn you an extra £7,200 a year!  There is no cap on how much you earn and you will always maintain your reward status regardless of how long since your last reward.

Tip:  If you cant think of anyone suitable you could ask other colleagues and ex colleagues if they know anyone and can split the fee with them.

When we head hunt your recommendations, under no circumstances will we ever reveal the source (you) of the referral. When we head hunt people and say “we have been passed your name by someone in the industry” the first thing most people want to know is who recommended them – we will never reveal your identity unless you specifically state otherwise.

Click ITC will run this referral program with the utmost integrity and honesty.  We aim to build long standing relationships that provide financial benefit for all concerned.

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